Cardi B Surprises Offset With A Massive Breakfast In Bed For Father’s Day

Cardi B Surprises Offset With A Massive Breakfast In Bed For Father's Day
Cardi B Surprises Offset With A Massive Breakfast In Bed For Father’s Day

Cardi B and Offset’s kids gave the rapper a feast fit for a king.

Father’s Day is here, and fathers everywhere are getting special treatment. This holds true for Offset, who recently welcomed his second child with Cardi B into the world. He and Cardi are all about their kids, and so it’s clear Cardi wanted the day to count for her partner in parenting.

Cardi B delivered a massive buffet to Offset while he was still in bed. The platter placed before the dad overflowed with chicken, waffles, bacon, fruit, and more.

In Cardi’s IG story, Offset barely knows what to do with the massive amount of food. Cardi laughs and says, “Happy Father’s Day.” It looked like Offset barely had time to eat the feast, because the story continues with him making his way down the stairs of their house, trailed by loving kids. The mansion is decked out with balloons and other decorations to celebrate fatherhood. Cardi then shared a heartwarming photo of Offset embracing all his kids.

This was all followed by the kids getting to show off their gifts. They can hardly wait for their dad to get through their letters, each of them putting reaching to put a new card in his hand. One card, described as a “prank,” folded into a beer glass. Offset was amused, saying, “Oh, it’s like a beer… Okay I like that one.” He pantomimed drinking it to the delight of his children.

Offset’s all about showing parents love. He recently gave his mom a Birkin bag with $50,000 inside of it. You know what they say: what goes around comes around.


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