DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM: Mr JazziQ – All You Need Is Piano (Zip File)

ALBUM: Mr JazziQ – All You Need Is Piano


: As we await the official release, here is the full Tracklist for Amapiano music project by Mr JazziQ titled “All You Need Is Piano”. It contains 18 tracks with guest appearances from the likes of Zan’Ten, Ta Skippa, Nokwazi, DJ Biza, Tsiki XII, Zan’Ten, Phoenix, Kyaika, DJ Biza, Maten, Mpura, Skroef 28, Nkulee501, Monalisa, Lady Du, Tsiki XI, M.J., F3 Dipapa, Lemaza, BoontleRSA, Murumba Pitch, Zuma, Mzukulu, Nkuelee 501, Kyika, Sjava De Deejay, Debranist, Marcus, JazziDisciples, Papi Sanchez, Jessica LM, Teejay, ThackzinDJ, others.


Dreya Roland

Dreya Roland who currently writes daily content related to videos and Entertainment newd for Fakazahits. Over the past year, she has interviewed the likes of Zeeno, Exdee, Jabosky, and even Acetune. Some of her work includes our first long-form investigative piece, Rap and Afro Pop Singers, as well as various pieces of Original Content centered around trending topics in amapiano.

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