Juice WRLD’s “Cigarettes” Video Features “Euphoria” Actor Angus Cloud

The music video for ’s “Cigarettes” tells a powerful tale about a man’s journey to sobriety.

The new music video for ’s recently released song, “Cigarettes,” is officially out now, showcasing a man’s troubling addiction to alcohol as it strengthens and takes over his mind. The music video features an appearance from everyone’s favorite actor right now, Angus Cloud from Euphoria.

It starts off with a man working at his warehouse job, sneaking a sip of liquor as he packs shipments. His boss proceeds to scold him before he leaves work, heads to the bar, and clashes with his girlfriend, who wonders why he isn’t coming home. The Steve Cannon-directed video moves forward as we watch the man get fired from his work after getting caught drinking on the job. His girlfriend then leaves their house as we replay all of their best moments as a couple, continuing to witness our main character down-spiraling.

The man starts to have visions of his girlfriend as he hallucinates in his room, pouring out his half-empty bottles of alcohol and deciding to sober up. 999 days later, we are thrown back into his story. He looks much healthier following a stint in rehab before getting into a car with his friends, including Angus Cloud, who plays Fez in Euphoria. They end up going to the club, which proves to be a challenge for our lead character, who fixates on everybody drinking around him. He goes to order a drink before nearly relapsing but he ends up catching the love of his life in the corner of his eye after flipping his sobriety coin, leaving his drink at the bar and joining her again.

Watch the powerful new video from Juice WRLD above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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