Rubi Rose Delivers An Undeniable Anthem On New Banger “Wifey”

Rubi Rose Delivers An Undeniable Anthem On New Banger "Wifey"
Rubi Rose “Wifey”

Rubi Rose is back with a new single that will get fans very excited.

Rubi Rose is an artist who has received quite a bit of pushback since starting her career. She began as a video girl and Instagram model who eventually tried her hand at becoming an MC. As a result, she has faced her fair share of detractors. Despite this, she has persevered in the space and has been responsible for some pretty impressive bangers, including her latest single called “Wifey.”

On this track, Rose dispels the idea that she is a hoe and that, in fact, she is wifey material. Rose is sounding as confident as ever on this song and the production is definitely something to behold. It is one of her most high-octane songs to date and fans should absolutely give this a listen as they are in for a pleasant surprise.

Let us know what you think of this new track, in the comments section down below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Matching Cartier with baguettes, that’s a bet (Bet)
Bought the new crib for the tax, not to flex (Flex)
I don’t need his money but I’ll take it to invest (Yeah)
Want a bad bitch? Gotta say it with your chest (Ha, ha, ha)

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