The Game Was “Hurt” After Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show Exclusion

The Game Was "Hurt" After Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show Exclusion
Was “Hurt” After Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show Exclusion
said he wasn’t on the Halftime Show since he’s “not a ‘protected’ craftsman.”

has had a great deal of unresolved issues as of late. He got down on Rolling Stone for reprimanding his collection The Documentary on their new rundown of best rap collections ever. He’s proceeded with his 50 Cent hamburger, saying the rapper “can’t rap” and that 50 paid him $1 million to quit saying “G-Unot.” Now, he’s circulating out his issues with the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show.

In another meeting with Brandon Marshall on I Am Athlete, Game raised his mistake about being prohibited from the show, which highlighted a considerable lot of his friends, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and 50 Cent. “I was wounded by that,” Game conceded.

The rapper went on by speculating concerning why he wasn’t welcomed. “The genuine explanation I wasn’t on the Super Bowl is on the grounds that I’m not a ‘protected’ craftsman,” he made sense of. “You don’t have any idea what the Game gon’ do when he get up there. Thus, it’s very much like, ‘He undependable,’ so they went with the protected specialists.”

Game likewise noticed that the show was a recognition for West Coast rap, and that subsequently it didn’t seem OK that he wasn’t involved and certain different craftsmen were. “We, on the West Coast, are the main mother lovers who have this crab-in-a-barrel mindset, where we want to keep n****s down… Sneak Dogg is symbol. Dre is symbol. Em is a symbol, yet Em isn’t from L.A. 50 isn’t from L.A.,” he said. “I’m not detracting from the way that they were on the Super Bowl, yet L.A. [artists] could not have possibly been in the Detroit Super Bowl or New York Super Bowl. It just could not have possibly occurred… L.A., L.A., L.A. overall around the Super Bowl and I didn’t get the call.”

However, the avoidance hasn’t beat Game down something over the top. The rapper is anticipating delivering another 30-tune collection, Drillmatic, on July first.

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