Watch Big Brother Canada 10 | Episode 29 FINALE Recap

Big Brother Canada 10 | Episode 29 FINALE Recap
Big Brother Canada 10 | Episode 29 FINALE Recap



From the moment he stepped into the Big Brother Canada house until he gave his speech last night on the finale, Kevin Jacobs never stopped playing the Big Brother game. That focus and determination resulted in him being crowned the winner of season ten.

Kevin’s win surprised many people, including Kevin himself.

“I thought I got smacked! I thought Josh was going to kill me in that vote. I thought best case scenario I would get some votes. Maybe Haleena and Jacey-Lynne? I really was surprised to see the way it went because I didn’t play a very visible game but we had a really smart cast and clearly people pieced things together even before Haleena had gone to the jury house,” he said.

As the Ghosts, Haleena and Kevin maneuvered their way through the season playing an aggressive under the radar game in which they avoided being targets but also had some control and influence over those in power. Kevin believes beyond anything else in the game that his relationship, partnership with Haleena was as important as any HoH or Veto.

“It was my biggest advantage to have someone that I could actually trust at that level. It was amazing not only from a game perspective but also from a mental health perspective as living in that house is extremely difficult. We had an alliance in which we would actually have given up our games for each other. That is dangerous in that we were 100 per cent committed and because of that we were able to work together to coach each other to make sure that our lies lined up. By the middle of the game we could be in the same room with someone and not have to communicate, just start manipulating together without discussing it first,” he said.

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